From artificial intelligence to the wildfire spread of misinformation, 2023 has been a year full of opportunities, pitfalls, and transformations. We aimed to keep the Content Science Review audience informed and equipped with the information and tools to stay competitive, improve their operations, and adapt to a tumultuous new technological landscape. 

It appears our content-curious audience noticed and engaged. For instance, our visitors spent 18% more time per session compared to 2022, and the number of visitors (both new and returning) increased by nearly 10%—and so did sessions. And our team subscriptions increased another 35% compared to 2022.

As 2023 comes to a close, it’s a great time to catch up on what you might have missed and revisit what resonated with you throughout the year. Enjoy these highlights.

Articles from Our Team 

Content Trends 2023: The Best + Worst of Times 

Review the past year of trends that impact content and prepare for the future with this summary of why we started 2023 in the best and worst of content times. 

What is the State of Content Operations in 2023?

Plan and budget for maturing your content operations with an overview of our latest research into what makes content operations succeed. 

Modern Content Strategy: Letting Go of Unified, Leaning Into Integrated

Content Science Founder and President Colleen Jones explains three reasons why every organization needs content strategy today, four limitations of past notions of content strategy, and four characteristics of modern content strategy.

5 Signs Your Customer Experience Problem is Really a Content Problem

If your customer experience (CX) is fraught with problems, you’re not alone. Chances are the wrong content approach is at least part of the cause. Learn to diagnose CX problems faster and make content part of the solution

6 Content Principles to Guide 2023

Today, you face unprecedented content opportunities and challenges. These principles are designed to help content professionals navigate their way to content excellence. 

5 Signs It’s Time to Change Your CMS

Is your CMS holding you back? Unsure? Read about the most commonly encountered issues facing CMS users and decide whether it’s time to change your CMS situation.

5 Signs Your Marketing Technology Problem Is Really a Content Problem

If your marketing technology (martech) implementation is not fulfilling its promise, chances are the wrong content approach is a big part of the cause. Learn to diagnose martech problems faster and make content part of the solution.

3 Characteristics of Outstanding Content Leaders 

What do the best content leaders have in common? Learn what qualities set successful content leaders apart in this article by Colleen Jones.

4 Characteristics of Modern Digital Transformation – and Content Implications 

Discover the changing nature of digital transformation why a one-and-done approach won’t cut it in 2024. Whether your organization is optimizing a step in production or seeking continuous improvement, this article will prepare you to make a competitive change in 2024. 

It’s Time for Resiliency in Content Operations

It’s not a matter of if your content approach will need to change, but when. This article explains what resiliency is and three ways to increase resiliency in your content operations.

4 Content Technology Trends to Watch

Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean these trends are going away. Learn more about four of the most significant trends fueling content technology changes before starting 2024. 

Purpose, Prompts, and Polish: How to Get the Most Out of a Text Generative AI

Generative AI has potential as a powerful tool for content creators. But what’s the trick to making it truly useful?  Learn the overarching principles that drive the effective use of text generative AIs. 

What is the Difference Between Plain Language and Inclusive Language?

Learn more about what plain language and inclusive language are, how they differ, and why they matter. Also gain insight into how to start applying them to your own content. 

How Useful is Generative AI for Content Professionals?

Generative AI has received a lot of hype over the last year, but how useful is it for content teams? Content Science tests three of the most popular generative AIs available to bring informed results to our audiences.  

The SEO 411: Common Terms for Content Professionals

Content Science compiled a list of common, vital terms for content professionals to know when beginning, growing, or optimizing their SEO strategies. 

Our Must-Read 2022 Content

A collection of our best work from 2022. Review the previous year before preparing for the next and discover how trends, operations, content roles, and more have evolved over time. 

Mis / Disinformation Roundups

Misinformation Roundup: AI-Driven Misinformation, Government Strategies, Social Media Challenges, and Using AI to Fight Back

AI and misinformation have collided to create a new threat to modern discourse and information publishing. Learn more about the state of AI-driven misinformation and what’s being done to combat this 21st-century problem. 

Disinformation Roundup: Social Media Shopping Scams, Their Frequency, and What’s Being Done to Combat Them

Social media shopping scams grow in frequency, severity, and reach but more government and private organizations are fighting back than ever. 

Premium Reports + Downloads 

What Makes Content Operations Successful? Full Report 2023

Content Science reports the results of 125 interviews with content experts detailing the state of content operations. From AI adoption rates, changing content roles, to levels of content operations maturity and more, this report benchmarks where content operations are in 2023 and where they are going. 

CX Lookbook: Order Confirmation 

The most important email customers receive, order confirmation must be done right to promote a fulfilling customer experience. Content Science provides definitions, examples, and breakdowns of order confirmation emails being done right. 

Checklists to Assess Content Needs for a New CMS

Changing your content management solution begins with understanding your needs. Use these checklists to accurately assess what your organization needs from a content management system (CMS). 

Checklist to Maximize Value from a Text Generative AI

Use this checklist at every stage of using a text generative AI to ensure your content professionals can create the best possible content. 

Resource Center for Creating a Winning Content Playbook

Content Science created and collected five different value-filled resources for creating a winning content playbook. Use these resources to start or improve your content strategy initiatives and achieve success. 

Creators vs. Machines: The Rise of Intellectual Property Lawsuits

This brief covers several of the rising number of lawsuits filed against generative AIs. In it, Content Science discusses the role of common law in possible future verdicts, similar examples from recent history, and how the US Copyright Office currently classifies AI-produced works. 

Premium Webinar Recordings

With so many webinars covering so many subjects, it can be hard to know where to start. Take a look at this highlight reel covering some of the best moments from our 2023 webinars. 

State of Content 2023

Prepare for 2024 with a review of the state of content in 2023. In this webinar, the Content Science team explores the state of content at the beginning of 2023, reviewing 2022 and anticipating what comes next.

Content Vision

In this webinar, Content Science founder Colleen Jones outlines the role of a content vision and how it relates to content strategy.

Planning a Content Center of Excellence

A content center of excellence (CCE) is one of the most powerful governance strategies for ensuring your content is findable, desirable, and useful. Learn what a CCE is, what it needs to function, and how a CCE can benefit your end-to-end content approach. 

Content Voice: Aligning + Scaling Your Voice

Maintaining a content voice is critical for any company, no matter the size. In this webinar, Content Science founder Colleen Jones, shares how to define, align, and scale your content voice.

Top Tips for Selecting Content Technology

The modern, dynamic content technology landscape requires continuing education and constant updates. This webinar equips content professionals with the information and mindset they need to select the best content technology for their needs. 

Top Benchmarks + Tips for Content Effectiveness

Does your content work? Learn how to cut through the noise and make your content findable, useful, and desirable with insights from our most recent deep-dive into our ContentWRX data. 

5 Secrets to Successful Content Operations

Struggling with content operations? You’re not alone. Learn about the actions and attitudes that produce the most success around content operations from some of the top content operations in the world like Amazon, Fiserv, and Mayo Clinic. 

5 Ways to Evaluate Content Effectiveness with ContentWRX 

From Content Science comes ContentWRX, a content evaluation tool designed by content professionals for content professionals. Learn more about why evaluating your content is an unskippable step for modern content operations and how ContentWRX equips you with the tools you need to maximize your content’s effectiveness. 

Essential Interviews 

Q&A with Donna Lichaw: Leadership Coach, Speaker, Author

Donna Lichaw, an expert on high-growth leadership and author of The Leader’s Journey and The User’s Journey, speaks to Content Science about transformative executive leadership, how to unlock your superpower, and leveraging the value of your brand’s individual story. 

Q&A with Erica Jorgensen: Author, Content Design Expert

As more platforms, technologies, and audiences emerge, content design is at the forefront of content accessibility. That’s exactly why Erica Jorgensen made writing Strategic Content Design her pandemic project. In this interview, Jorgensen lays out how testing and data gathering improve content efforts, why silos prevent true content effectiveness, and her hopes for executive perspectives on content teams in the future. 

The State of the Health Ecosystem: Q&A with Content Science’s New Vice President Chris Jones

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed the limits of the health ecosystem’s ability to provide reliable information. With a longtime career in public and private health, Christopher Jones, PhD, speaks about the state of the health ecosystem, the vital role of content, and how we can address misinformation and disinformation.

Partner Pieces to Check Out 

A Modern Guide to Selecting a CMS

Based on a range of research and experience, this guide  provides a modern method for selecting a CMS. In this guide, you will find the 5 most common signs it may be time to change your CMS, the 5-step process for selecting a new solution, and the top 3 challenges to selecting a CMS today. (The guide is sponsored by dotCMS but does not recommend a specific CMS solution.)

The Content Marketer’s Guide to AI and Content Maturity 

Content Science collaborated with Writer to create a comprehensive breakdown the role content operations maturity plays in effectively adopting AI. 

How Enterprise Content Harmony Drives Better Business Results, With Colleen Jones 

Colleen Jones joins Chris Willis on Acrolinx’s WordBirds podcast to discuss the importance of evaluating and reviewing your content to ensure it properly projects your brand’s voice. 

Casual Conversations: Brand vs. Demand with Content Science’s Colleen Jones 

Colleen Jones sits down for a conversation with Casual Global to discuss balancing your brand’s voice with content demand, content best practices, how to measure content success, and more. 

Case Studies + More from Content Leaders  

Taste the Future: 9 Content Engineering Trends Redefining Food Tech in 2024

Sandie Markle, senior director of content engineering at SideChef, explains the role of content engineering in capitalizing on emerging technology trends in the home cooking world. 

Three Keys to Inclusive Health Content: Plain Language, Transcreation, and Cultural Nuance

Juviza Rodriguez, Senior Director of Consumer Health at March of Dimes, explains the importance of inclusivity in health content and the best ways to achieve it. 

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