Content operations is the behind-the-scenes work of managing content activities as effectively and efficiently as possible. Today, content operations often require scaling a system with people, process, and technology.

Content Operations
what is a center of content excellence

What Is A Center of Content Excellence?

By Colleen Jones

Learn what a center of content excellence is and why it can help mature your organization’s content operations.

Content Operations

Content Operations Fact Sheet

By Content Science

Content operations is the behind-the-scenes work of managing content activities. Get fast facts about the people, processes, and technology involved.

Content Technology

A Roundup of Content Operations Insight from Kontent Horizons

By Content Science

Content operations was the theme of the day at Kontent Horizons. Enjoy a few curated insights in this piece.

Content Operations
Screenshot of agenda from CCE workshop recording

Planning a Content Center of Excellence Webinar Recording

By Content Science

In this webinar, Content Science founder Colleen Jones reviews how to start planning for and putting together a Center of Content Excellence.

Content Operations
Content Roles and Training briefing cover on a computer screen

Content Operations Success Factor Briefing: Content Roles and Training

By Content Science

Learn how organizations are reshaping their content teams to include more modern content roles and adapt new training models in this special briefing.

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Frustrated by content evaluation? This whitepaper explains an approach and a tool, ContentWRX, to make evaluating content easier.

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Content that uses emotive language performs nearly twice as well as purely factual content. Learn more in this guide from Acrolinx.