Content marketing is the work of planning, creating, and delivering effective content for marketing goals. It often involves attracting customers through educational or entertaining content.

Content Marketing
Image of people looking at screens depicting brand journalism

What Is Brand Journalism?

By Elizabeth Mendes

Learn what brand journalism is, examples of how companies are doing it, and get tips for how to start your own operation as a brand journalist

Content Marketing

Content Marketing Fact Sheet

By Content Science

Gain key statistics and insights from our content marketing fact sheet including research from IDC, Gartner and Forrester, among others.

Social Media
content marketing course colleen jones

Content Marketing for Social Media Available Now on LinkedIn Learning

By Content Science

See what you can expect from Content Marketing for Social Media, a LinkedIn Learning course by Colleen Jones.

Content Strategy
content marketing course colleen jones

Free Access to Advanced Content Marketing for Our Subscribers

By Content Science

See what you can expect from Advanced Content Marketing, a LinkedIn Learning course by Colleen Jones, and enjoy access as a subscriber.

Content Strategy
Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing?

By Colleen Jones

We often see content marketing defined as creating content to raise interest in products and services, but what is content marketing really?

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Taxonomy Webinar

June 14! Make your content easy to find, to share, to personalize, and to reuse.

ContentWRX Demo

Learn how this app makes understanding content effectiveness faster and easier for large organizations. Schedule a ContentWRX demo today.

The Content Advantage Workshop

Register for this live crash course in content strategy + content operations based on the top-rated book from Colleen Jones.

Upskill with Content Science Academy

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