What is your level of content quality? Find out with our quick checklist.

Usefulness & Relevance

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Does the content meet user needs, goals, and interests?

Is the content timely and relevant?

Clarity & Accuracy

Is the content understandable to customers?

Is the content organized logically & coherently?

Is the content correct?

Do images, video, and audio meet technical standards, so they are clear?

Influence & Engagement

Does the content use the appropriate techniques to influence or engage customers?

Does the content execute those techniques effectively?


Does the content include all of the information customers need or might want about a topic?

Voice & Style

Does the content consistently reflect the editorial or brand voice and attributes?

Does its tone adjust appropriately to the context—for example, sales versus customer service?

Does the content have a consistent style?

Usability & Findability

Is the content easy to scan or read?

Is the content in a usable format, including headings, bulleted lists, tables, white space, or similar techniques, as appropriate to the content?

Can customers find the content when searching using relevant keywords?