Artificial intelligence (AI) simulates human intelligence and decision-making with advanced algorithms. Generative AI, or genAI, creates content and other assets in response to prompts, triggers, or rules.

Artificial Intelligence

5 Signs Your Digital Transformation Problem Is Really a Content Problem

By Colleen Jones and Content Science

If your digital transformation is fraught with problems, the wrong content approach is the likely cause. Make content part of the solution.

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial Intelligence?

By Content Science

What is artificial intelligence? Learn more about AI applications, pitfalls, and importance for running a competitive business.

Artificial Intelligence
artificial intelligence facts

Artificial Intelligence Fact Sheet

By Content Science

Get the latest artificial intelligence facts and trends and learn how AI is impacting the content industry.

Artificial Intelligence
How to get the most out of a text generative AI

Purpose, Prompts, and Polish: How to Get the Most Out of a Text Generative AI

By Content Science

Learn how to use text generative AI: how to curate a prompt, what to do with the results, and making the most of strengths of text generative AIs.

Artificial Intelligence
AI and Intellectual Property brief

Artificial Intelligence Training and Intellectual Property Lawsuits

By Content Science and Jack Rose

Lawsuits filed against generative AIs are on the rise; learn more about what this means for content professionals and how it may impact your adoption of AI.

Events, Resources, + More

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Course: Prompting Text Generative AI

Learn how to bring out the full potential of text generative AI to create impactful content from this on-demand course.

Webinar: Benchmarks for Content Effectiveness

It's not about more content. It's about more effective content. Gain tips based on Content Science's unique research + experience.

The Ultimate Guide to End-to-End Content

Discover why + how an end-to-end approach is critical in the age of AI with this comprehensive white paper.