As the world emerged from a multi-year pandemic that upended the digital landscape, Content Science’s 2022 content tracked and reported on the top trends and essential insights shaping the content industry. And, we continued to publish articles and tools to help content professionals like you do their jobs.

It appears our content curious audience noticed and engaged. Our visitors spent 20% more time per session compared to 2021, and our team subscriptions increased 47%.  

As we look back at the year, we’re sharing our picks for the Content Science Review can’t-miss 2022 content so you can catch up or refresh.

Articles From Our Team

What Is A Center of Content Excellence?

Content Science Founder Colleen Jones explains what a CCE is and how it can help your organization succeed with content at scale.

Content Technology Infographic

Content Science updated and expanded its infographic breaking down the major categories of content technology and highlighting the top technologies within each category.

How To Start a Content Audit

A new year is a great time to assess your content. Follow these steps to get started with a content audit.

What Content Marketers Can Learn from a New Misinformation-Fighting Website

Find out how a new site from the nonpartisan education nonprofit, the News Literacy Project, is aiming to help you “know what’s safe to share and which rumors should be stopped in their tracks.”

Can Content Structure Boost Revenue By 753%?

A look at why content measurement and content structure should go hand in hand, based on Content Science’s recent award-winning work in content data and insight.

Google’s Helpful Content Update: 3 Key Takeaways

Google is continuing to prioritize great content with the release of its new “helpful content update.” But what does the new update mean for content professionals concerned about search engine optimization? We take a look at three key takeaways.

The 5 Best Ways to Use Content Effectiveness Insights

How do we sustain effective content over time and at scale? One key element is to use data-informed insights about content effectiveness—and to do so regularly.

Gen Z Content Consumption Fact Sheet

Gen Z have been exposed to technology their whole lives. It’s no surprise they navigate online platforms like it’s second nature. Find out about Gen Z’s online and content consumption habits. 

Technical Documentation Survey Reveals Top Challenges and Opportunities

Content Science partnered with The Content Wrangler and Heretto to survey more than 100 content professionals and leaders in the technical documentation space. Discover the top challenges and opportunities that the survey revealed. 

Case Studies + More From Content Leaders

How Atlassian Builds Trust through Change with Structured Release Notes

Atlassian Senior Content Architect John Collins explains how Atlassian is making the change to structured release notes and what they are learning along the way.

Small, Mighty Steps: A Second Look at Content in Design Systems

Michael Haggerty-Villa, a senior product design manager at Compass, takes a look at the progress design systems are making to include content standards and guidelines. 

Hungry for Change: Pioneering Content Engineering at SideChef

Sandie Markle, Senior Director of Content Engineering at SideChef, tells the story of how technology and content came together to create a new way to cook.

Essential Interviews

Content Visionaries: Content Measurement and Evaluation at AT&T

AT&T’s Cory Bennett, Associate Director for CX Content Strategy, Tracking, and Measurement, gives his views on how companies can overcome content measurement challenges, approach setting up a measurement system, and the type of measurement tools he finds helpful.

Content Strategy at a Startup: A Q&A With MyUTI’s Megan Henken

Breaking through in the world of healthcare startups is tough. That’s why Megan Henken, co-founder of MyUTI—a femtech company focused on helping those with frequent urinary tract infections—knew creating great content would be a top task. In this interview, Henken discusses how she approached content for MyUTI, why she believes content is so important, and what’s been successful for the company so far.

Premium Pieces 

Microcopy: A Comprehensive Guide

This guide highlights 17 best-in-class UX microcopy examples, including navigation labels, guided tours, error messages, and more.

Content Audit Template

A content audit template can be a helpful tool for conducting your audit. Use a template to track the pages on your website, their associated metadata, and any notes you have about each page.

Leading Content Teams + Operations Webinar Recording

When it comes to leading content teams, it’s about more than getting the right people in the right roles. This webinar covers characteristics of amazing content leaders, critical factors in content team success, and key areas to focus on to build content capacity.

Message Architecture Testing Worksheets

The ultimate measure of a brand’s effectiveness is how well it resonates with users or customers.  Use this testing protocol and sample questions to assess where you stand with your message architecture and what you might consider adjusting.

Content Operations Success Factor Briefing: Content Technology

Learn how organizations are leveraging technology to deliver and optimize content at scale. And what tools are available to enable smoother workflow for teams and personalization for end users.

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