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What Makes Content Teams Thrive?

by Content Science This report brings you the findings from Content Science’s recent research of content leadership and content teams. Get data, insights, and tips to hire the right people, set the right processes, and encourage the right culture for success. Specifically, the report includes Easy-to-understand explanation of the methodology.
Marketing + Sales

Content Marketing Fact Sheet

by Content Science Colleen Jones, author of Clout and CEO of Content Science, has defined the difference between content marketing and content strategy like this: Content strategy is essential for a wide range of purposes — media products, technical support, customer service, sales, and marketing, to name a few.

Mobile AR Is A Real Opportunity For Every Brand

by Ray Pun True or false: Only cutting-edge, big-budget marketers use mobile augmented reality (AR). False. More than just the Fortune 100 companies are leveraging the technology. Lately, when I’ve been talking to marketers about mobile AR, I’ve heard two common questions: “Is augmented reality only used for entertainment or gaming?”and “Are there retail examples?” Today, we’ll look at three examples of well-known brands that are creatively using mobile AR to engage people along the path to purchase.

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