Search Engine Optimization

SEO Fact Sheet

by Content Science Search engine optimization. What is it? “The Language of Content Strategy” by Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie defines it as: The process of using best practices to design and create content that will rank well in organic search engine results.
Social Media
social media

Social Media Fact Sheet

by Content Science A decade ago, who could’ve predicted how much we expose of ourselves to people all around the world through social networks? Social media isn’t just a way to reconnect with friends from middle school. It is informational and engaging, and today is a platform driving relevant content for many businesses and brands.
Content Strategy
content strategy

Content Strategy Fact Sheet

by Content Science Quickly evolving from a buzzword to a business essential in just a few years, content strategy provides a foundation for organizations to better harness content as a strategic business asset. A strong content strategy will take any of your siloed content successes and help you scale those efforts into a sustainable, thriving part of your organization.

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