Leading Teams

Content Teams Infographic

by Content Science We just finished our leadership report, What Makes Content Teams Thrive? What did we uncover? A lot. We collected data from more than 100 leaders of content teams and asked questions about challenges to success, factors for leaders of content teams to thrive, and characteristics of outstanding team members.
Return on Investment
content ROI

Content ROI Fact Sheet

by Content Science Today, businesses are investing more in content than ever for marketing, support, media products, and digital technology. Businesses invested nearly $43.9 billion in content production and distribution in 2014, the Custom Content Council found. All this investment in content begs the question for many organizations … are we getting a return?
content team leader

Hiring a Content Team Leader? Look for These 5 Characteristics

by Julia Tiessen It’s no surprise that leadership impacts team results. The right leader will maximize your team’s talent to produce higher quality and quantity of work, improve relationships with clients, and reduce turnover and customer churn. But what kind of leader is behind a successful content team?

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