We’re celebrating three years of Content Science Review, and as part of that celebration, we pulled the most popular articles of the past 36 months.

These articles explored topics ranging from the rise of artificial intelligence and content automation to user journeys to content intelligence, just to name a few. Read on for a brief recap of each.


Content Science launched in April 2015, and its first year brought content from major brands like Microsoft to HowStuffWorks.com, covering important topics such as UX, content intelligence, and content processes.

Microsoft’s UX Design Lead Shares The Top UX Trends For 2016

In what has become an annual tradition, Microsoft UX Design Lead Joseph Dickerson shared his UX predictions for the upcoming year. In this installment, Dickerson highlighted emerging trends such as gesture-based interactions, micro UX, and content strategy for microcopy.

The 5 Characteristics of Intelligent Content

In this book excerpt, Scott Abel and Ann Rockley explain the five markers of intelligent content, from creating content that is modular and reusable, to content that is structured, format-free, and semantically rich. A must-read for any content creator looking to take their content to the next level.

How Editorial Process Works at HowStuffWorks.com: A Q&A

HowStuffWorks.com Editorial Director Tracy Wilson gives her take on how to lead content teams that thrive in this popular piece. She sounds off on what makes a successful editorial process, setting appropriate content expectations, and if there really is a “magic number” for content production.


The second year of CSR brought even more content insights. We talked about employee advocacy, user journeys, and millennial content consumption, among many other topics. Here were the most popular pieces of 2016-17.

4 Ways to Make User Journeys Actually Useful for Content Strategy

In this popular post, CSR Founder and CEO Colleen Jones talks about why user journeys, (or buyer journeys, user stories, customer experience maps, whatever you like to call it), are absolutely integral in filling the content gap. She also explains how to make your user journeys meaningful for both content strategy and planning.

Worksheet to Access Gaps in Your Content Evaluation Tools

This popular premium piece includes a downloadable worksheet to help content leaders and creators answer questions about the content tools they currently have access to and what type of data can be gleaned from these tools. It also highlights content gaps, overlaps and more, serving as an important step in evaluating content.

Millennial Content Consumption Fact Sheet

Millennials are quickly emerging as a major content audience, and as such, should not be ignored. This popular fact sheet focuses on how these “super users” digest content, and concurrently, how you can create content that appeals to this important segment of content consumers.


The CSR team has made it a habit to create intelligent, engaging content, and this past year was no exception. Top articles from 2017-18 hit on content effectiveness, artificial intelligence, and good ole’ content marketing, just to name a few. Here’s a brief preview of each.

Make Your Content Findable Or Die

In another popular article from CSR’s own Colleen Jones, she explains key insights about hard-to-find content and evidence of its disastrous consequences. She also shares what happens when content is easier to find. Hint: It’s better for your business.

Artificial Intelligence Fact Sheet

Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a major player in the content game; and it’s no wonder, with trends like voice-activated artificial intelligence and content automation taking center stage. This fact sheet explores this trend and provides some excellent fodder for your next cocktail party. For example, did you know that by 2020, AI bots will power 85% of all customer service interactions?

Content Marketing Fact Sheet

Another fact sheet claimed a spot among the most popular articles of the past year, and with good reason. This piece explains the difference between content marketing and content strategy (yes, there is a difference), and shares useful facts from top content marketing publications and research organizations.

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