It’s one thing to create lots of hit-or-miss content. It’s another thing to create a supply chain of content that works well for your customers (and your business) over time. To help you do more of the latter, the Content Science team and I created ContentWRX, a tool that evaluates content effectiveness.

We’ve shared broad lessons learned about effective content as we periodically analyze the ContentWRX data at scale. (See here.) At the same time, ContentWRX users have been going deep, asking detailed questions as they tell the story of their content’s effectiveness. I love that. And now with advanced ContentWRX features, it’s faster and easier to tell an even richer story of content effectiveness.

Let’s walk through five ways to start using these advanced ContentWRX features. 

1. See and Compare Scores and More at Page / Screen Level

As a quick refresher, a ContentWRX evaluation covers small or large sets of content (thought leadership, product / support content, blog, etc.) and yields a ContentWRX score for the set. Want to see how individual pages or screens stack up? Overall and across the dimensions of content effectiveness? Now you can with the page / screen level breakdown.

contentwrx breakdown sample

Sample page / screen level breakdown in ContentWRX

Let’s say you’re curious about the effectiveness of a specific page / screen. What exactly did customers click? What did they highlight or copy? What elements engaged customers the most? Get those answers and more from the page / screen report.

contentwrx evaluation sample

Sample page report in ContentWRX

And there’s a lot more of that engagement data elsewhere…

2. Track What Content Elements Engage Customers

ContentWRX can track custom content microengagements important to understanding your content’s impact. For example, let’s say you had a set of buying guides crafted to help customers choose the right type of product. After consuming that content, customers ideally will click on links to specific products or product categories. You can track and show whether those links are clicked as a custom microengagement.

contentwrx microengagements sample

Sample reporting of custom content microengagements in ContentWRX

And, of course, all those standard content microengagements you just saw at the page level are available for your entire set of content.

3. Know at a Glance How Customers Feel About Your Content

From the beginning, ContentWRX users have appreciated how the tool assembles behavioral data (what customers do with your content) with perception data (what customers think, feel, and perceive about you and your content). Now with ContentWRX sentiment analysis, it’s easier to see at a glance whether your content sparks strong sentiment and dive into why.


contentwrx sentiment analysis sample
Sample content sentiment analysis in ContentWRX

Speaking of seeing useful stuff at a glance…

4. Automatically Update Dashboards with a Content Effectiveness KPI Using our API

Got all that? If you’re starting to use dashboards or reports in your content intelligence system, then you’ll see quickly the value of automating their maintenance. It takes planning and time up front, but you save loads of time and hassle each month and quarter that follows. And ContentWRX can help you with the ContentWRX API. The API includes the ContentWRX score, which you can use as a content effectiveness KPI, along with other key results that you can feed into dashboard tools ranging from Tableau to Klipfolio. 

contentwrx dashboard sample

Sample dashboard with ContentWRX data included, organization name redacted

5. Add the Why to the What of Your Content Optimization + Growth Experiments

I love content experiments, as you might guess from the Content Science name. But, I find they focus so much on what content performed best that the why becomes lost. So I’m ecstatic to say ContentWRX can help close the why gap in many content optimization and growth experiments. ContentWRX can collect and tag feedback by an ID that matches the content variation IDs in your experiment. This feedback gives valuable context for why content performed well or didn’t.

contentwrx feedback screen sample

Sample feedback from ContentWRX about a variation of a sign up screen, organization name redacted

So, if you’re focused on content effectiveness instead of content volume, congratulations. You’re focused on the right challenge. These five advanced ContentWRX features will give you deeper understanding of your content effectiveness so you can scale the right way.

The Author

Colleen Jones is the author of The Content Advantage and founder of Content Science, an end-to-end content company that turns content insight into impact. She has advised or trained hundreds of leading brands and organizations as they close the content gap in their digital transformations. A passionate entrepreneur, Colleen has led Content Science to develop the content intelligence software ContentWRX, publish the online magazine Content Science Review, and offer online certifications through Content Science Academy.

Colleen has earned recognition as a top instructor on LinkedIn Learning, one of the Top 50 Most Influential Women in Content Marketing, a Content Change Agent by Society of Technical Communication’s Intercom Magazine, and one of the Top 50 Most Influential Content Strategists by multiple organizations.

Follow Colleen on Twitter at @leenjones or on LinkedIn.

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