Conducting a content analysis is an essential step to inform your content strategy. When analyzing your current content situation, focus on the three C’s: Content, Customers (or users), and Context. A content audit is a close look at your existing content.

Content Analysis + Auditing

How to Start a Content Audit

By Content Science

Learn how to start a content audit, including what it is, why it’s important, and how to take the first steps.

Content Analysis + Auditing

Content Audit Tracking Template

By Content Science

Get a sample content audit template that you can customize, which will help you with how to perform a content audit.

Content Analysis + Auditing
what is a content analyst

What Is a Content Analyst?

By Content Science

What does a content analyst do and what is a content analyst exactly? Discover the key duties and responsibilities of this role, and the skills and education required to perform it.

Content Analysis + Auditing
Content Analyst job description

Content Analyst Sample Job Description

By Content Science

Get a sample content analyst job description that you can customize.

Content Analysis + Auditing
content analysis

2 Critical Types of Content Analysis

By Colleen Jones

Learn about two types of content analysis and what they mean for your content strategy.

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