To kick off our Content Intelligence fact sheet, we have to start with the definition we’ve created at Content Science:

Content intelligence represents the systems and software that transform content data and business data into actionable insights for content strategy and tactics with impact. Colleen Jones, CEO Content Science

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The key phrase: Actionable insights. Why? Because it encapsulates the most important aspects of content intelligence: people and analysis. Without these two elements, organizations cannot move beyond content analytics to content intelligence.

No matter how powerful, computers aren’t capable of deriving meaningful information from unstructured data, and the diversity, volume and velocity at which it’s flowing into businesses makes it difficult for individuals to manage, so they don’t. As a result, the vast majority of human intelligence isn’t used in decision-making processes. Content intelligence the combination of semantic technology and information science is the solution to this problem. Smartlogic

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Unstructured data accounts for 80% of all data according to the IBM report What is Watson? This huge amount of information requires amazing talent on your content teams to help visualize the data. This requires in part getting small data right, hiring the right people from the start, and focusing on content effectiveness.    

For B2B companies in particular, underlining expertise is often one of the top aims of content marketing, and data-driven content accomplishes that goal very effectively. Harvard Business Review

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Gerry Brown of U.K.’s Bloor Research explains that “content intelligence provides a complete 360-degree view of the previously separated silos of enterprise data and text. It provides the ability to slice and dice, drill down and report on text and data as an integrated whole.”

Content intelligence informs both strategic priorities and tactical decisions for impact. Content Intelligence: A Case Study at the American Cancer Society in Applied Marketing Analytics

Content intelligence can also be applied to employee advocacy and accountability. As bigtincan CEO says, “By mapping out how an individual employee utilizes informationwhat content he or she accesses; how often, when and where certain materials make the biggest impact and what is most frequently shared and collaborated upon with their colleagues — companies can build a history of actions to benchmark performance. If an employee begins to access or share content less, this could be an indication that the user is unsatisfied or unmotivated in their job, or simply that the content available is no longer as effective as it once was.”

Acting on the content intelligence is key. We rely on a number of data points, tools, analytics, and numbers, and it’s easy to be rendered impotent with all the data and do nothing. But just act on it. Kelley Graham, Lead Web Content Strategy American Cancer Society

As Colleen Jones predicted in 5 Content Predictions for 2016, “Content intelligence will emerge as a strategic practice.” Although people have been talking about — or around — content intelligence since 2007 when Gerry Brown of Bloor Research used the term “content intelligence” “to describe what he saw as a union between standard structured data analysis and the mining of unstructured data.” Yet, nearly 10 years later it’s still not a widely adopted practice in part because of data overwhelm, poor leadership, or lack of dedicated resources.

Smart content is decision-ready global market intelligence shared across the enterprise at the speed of business to drive strategic and operational business decisions. David Geddes, Geddes Analytics

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After years of predictions and promises, we are starting to see a more widespread adoption of content analytics within a variety of publishing and marketing environments  but they are usually not called by the term “content analytics” or “text analytics.” Sometimes, they are denoted by the ubiquitous “Big Data label or even “artificial intelligence.” So, on one hand, content analytics as a distinct industry is not growing fast — but only because the vision is being realized outside of that label. Andrew Davies, COO Idio

Moving toward content intelligence requires a system that utilizes multiple data sources and smart analysis from your great content hires.

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If you are not leveraging content intelligence in your content marketing you risk losing out to those that are. Steve Rayson, Director at BuzzSumo

Content intelligence can inform various teams involved in reaching your business goals beyond just marketing, including sales, IT, web development, and more. Learn how with dozens of additional resources in Content Science Review’s Content Intelligence section.

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