Become a Jedi Master of Content Strategy for Website Redesigns

This in-depth toolkit brings you thorough research from the expert team at Content Science. It is filled with data, insights, and tips to reposition your website, create the appropriate framework, analyze and audit your content efficiently, and set your content team up for success.

Specifically, the toolkit, Become a Jedi Master of Content Strategy for Website Redesigns: Reworking Your Content So It Works for You includes:

  • An easy-to-understand explanation of ways to take your content to a new level.
  • A six-part guide to help you through the entire redesign process from initial evaluation and goal setting to end result assessment.
  • Key findings and insights in the areas of:
    • Content Inspection – How to perform a quality audit.
    • Content Comparison – Weighing your content against your context.
    • Content Strategy Formulation – Defining and synthesizing your analysis to form a cohesive strategy.
    • Strategy Execution – Implementing your content strategy by repurposing and updating old content and creating new content.
    • Staying the Content Strategy Course – Sustaining and planning for other types of content such as crisis and promotional, as well as, maintenance.
    • Accessing Content Results – Calculating the reach, reputation, and revenue.
  • Actionable guidelines for content leaders and content team members in the process of reimagining and redesigning a website:
    • Process Step-by-Step
    • Key Takeaways
    • Helpful Resources and Examples

Have three minutes to spare? Fill out our interactive Content Quality Checklist and gain instant feedback on your web content!

Content Quality Checklist

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Content Science is a growing content strategy and intelligence company and the publisher of Content Science Review. We empower digital enterprises for the content era by taking their content approach to the next level. Customers of our professional services and one-of-a-kind products (such as ContentWRX and Content Science Academy) include the Fortune 50, the world’s largest nonprofits, and the most trusted government agencies.

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