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Top 5 Articles from 2017

The below articles resonated most with our readership this year. Their subjects were wide-reaching, from brand storytelling to enterprise content strategy to just what a content engineer does.

But one thing they all have in common: They’re all focused on helping you take your content to the next level.

7 Brand Storytelling Best Practices to Grow Your Audience

Career storyteller and former content marketing executive Christoph Trappe explores the relationship between storytelling and audience – and how organizations can harness the power of storytelling to grow their digital audiences – in this fan favorite piece from 2017.

Trappe explains what makes a good story, how to make storytelling really work for your organization, how to prove ROI with storytelling, and perhaps most importantly, which metrics to measure to grow your strategy.

Make It So: Kick-starting an Enterprise Content Strategy at AT&T

AT&T Content Strategist Kelly Turner on how he kick-started an enterprise content strategy, why it was a worthy investment, and how building a framework that focuses on the user experience builds trust and credibility for content strategy within your organization.

4 Critical Content Roles for Digital Transformation and Beyond

Content Science CEO Colleen Jones explains the 4 most critical content roles for enterprises who are serious about maturing their content capacity for digital transformation and beyond in this popular piece.

How Multimedia Is Moving the Engagement Needle for Coca-Cola Journey

Jay Moye, the global editor-in-chief of Coca-Cola Journey, on why multimedia is so important for the global company, and how they rebooted their corporate website — — as the dynamic digital magazine Coca-Cola Journey with the simple but ambitious mission of using content to simultaneously build brand love and corporate trust.

What Does a Content Engineer Do?

Just what does a content engineer do? That’s the question Cruce Saunders, founder of content engineering at [A], and author of “Content Engineering for a Multi-Channel World,” sought to answer in this popular piece from 2017.

Cruce also explored the way content engineers viewed content. Think: not as a static and finished piece, rather the shape, structure, and organization of the content and how it can best be adapted and personalized to serve customers and emerging content platforms, technologies, and opportunities.

Top 5 Articles, Any Publication Date

The below articles weren’t necessarily published in 2017, but resonated with our readers just the same. Covering topics like the difference between information and content to user journeys, these pieces prove that in some ways, good content strategy is timeless.

2 Critical Types of Content Analysis

It can be difficult to take the right approach when it comes to content analysis. Learn the difference between the two types of content analysisformative content analysis and evaluative analysisin this piece by CSR’s own Colleen Jones. She also illustrates examples of each, their purpose, and the primary users of each type.

So What is the Difference Between Information and Content

What is the difference between information and content? CSR’s Colleen Jones sheds light on this often confusing topic in this popular post. Key takeaway: it all comes down to the so-what factor.

4 Ways to Make User Journeys Actually Useful for Content Strategy

Defining user journeys is a big effort that takes time and resources, and in this article, Content Science Founder and CEO Colleen Jones explains four effective ways to invest in user journeys that work for content and are, in fact, useful.

The Five Characteristics of Intelligent Content

Characteristics are qualities, attributes, or traits that distinguish one thing from another. But what specific characteristics make content intelligent? “The Content Wrangler,” Scott Abel and Ann Rockley is CEO of The Rockley Group, Inc. believe it comes down to whether our content is modular, structured, reusable, format-free, and semantically rich.

Metadata Magic: 4 Powerful Ways to Use Metadata for Marketing

Metadata doesn’t simply matter. It gives your content marketing almost magical power, notes CSR’s Colleen Jones. In this article, she explains what metadata is, the 4 Ds of “metadata magic,” and why metadata matters because web analytics are not enough to evaluate content’s effectiveness.

Top 3 Q&As and Expert Interviews

Your favorite interviews with content strategy thought leaders at complex enterprise companies across the globe.

A Girl Scout Asked Me About Being a Woman in Technology and Business

Colleen Jones, Content Science Founder and CEO, sits down with a Girl Scout to answer questions on being a woman in technology and business, what she tells herself that helps aid in her success, and how being a woman in business comes with its own set of struggles – and positives.

CEOs: Embrace Digital Transformation by Putting the Customer First

CSR’s Colleen Jones is joined by Toni Pashley, Senior Vice President of Product at Sharecare, to discuss digital transformation and how CEOs can get ahead of it by rethinking their businesses to focus on improving the customer experience with digital content

An Interview with Colleen Jones, Content Change Agent

In this popular Q&A, “The Content Wrangler” Scott Abel and Content Science founder and CEO Colleen Jones discuss how psychology, persuasion, and neuroscience play important roles in making content influential. They also hit on the impending artificial intelligence revolution and the need for organizations to develop content intelligence. A must-read.

Top 5 Fact Sheets

Each month, we release a new fact sheet, as well we updating a previously-released fact sheet, to help readers get updated quickly. Topics range from artificial intelligence to digital asset management to social media, just to name a few that were covered this year. View all our fact sheets here.

Top 5 Reports + Toolkits

We also release a new piece of premium content each month exclusively for our Content Science Review subscribers. Here are our subscribers’ favorites from 2017. (Sign up for premium content here.)

15 Facts About Content and Digital Transformation

Business today is digital, so content is critical. Get serious about content and digital transformation with this infographic that includes 15 groundbreaking facts.

Content Intelligence Worksheet

Jump start your efforts to plan a system of content intelligence with our comprehensive worksheet. Inspired by the three pillars of small data success, it includes a matrix to organize your content goals and dimensions, serves as a place to include sample questions about your content’s effectiveness, and includes example dimensions, questions, and data points.

5 Strategic Questions for Winning Content

This downloadable tool summarizes 5 interrelated questions for content, adapted from the brilliant book “Playing to Win: How Strategy Really Works.” These questions force you to consider from vision through implementation whether you can win and, if not, what needs to change in order to win.

Worksheet to Assess Gaps in Your Content Evaluation Tools

This popular worksheet provides a summary of content evaluation tools and data sources to consider, including questions about what tools you already have and the types of data they can give you, as well as potential gaps, overlaps, and more.

Content Facts Ready for Your Next Presentation

Giving a content-based presentation? Then our 50 Content Facts, filled with eye-opening statistics about the state of the content industry and what lies ahead, may come in handy. This research was collected from in-depth studies we’ve conducted as well as from trusted content resources and includes insights from content leaders at content powerhouses such as Microsoft, Intel, Adobe, Capital One, and American Cancer Society.

Thank you for being a part of a great year for us, from voting us an Audience Choice Winner at the 2017 Content Marketing Awards to sharing + reading our content, and voicing your opinion through our surveys, Twitter polls, and newsletters. We can’t wait to share more content resources and insights with you in 2018.


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