We’ve rounded up the most popular content resources consumed in 2016, including a mix of our most popular articles, fact sheets, and in-depth reports, broken out by format. Share these with our content team so everyone is on the same page heading into 2017 and be prepared to raise your content maturity to the next level.

Top 5 Articles, Any Publication Date

Not all of these pieces published in 2016, but they were very popular.

Microsoft’s UX Design Lead Shares the Top UX Trends for 2016

Microsoft’s UX Lead Joseph Dickerson walks us through 9 UX trends that he predicted would be the “next big things” in user experience design, including the rise of speech control, smart enablers, micro UX, stakeholders valuing UX more, no-coding-required apps, UI homogeny, microcopy content strategy, experience design, and VR/AR that will continue to be important in 2017 and beyond. Catch Joseph’s predictions for 2017 here.

2 Critical Types of Content Analysis

Author and Content Science CEO Colleen Jones explains the differences between formative analysis and evaluative analysis. Analysis and data are becoming so critical that she predicted the rise of a practice called content intelligence here.

Insight from Alibaba’s User Experience Department on Content Marketing in Indonesia

Rinda Mutis, a Senior Content Manager for the International User Experience and Design Department at Alibaba, shares her perspective on the State of Content in Indonesia. She highlights the importance of user-generated content, content localization, and utilizing data to reach those in the world’s largest archipelago.

8 Employee Advocacy Tools to Amplify Your Content and Support Employee Development

This piece by Content Science’s own Shawndra Russell explains the whys and hows so every organization can harness the impact of employee advocacy both internally and externally.

What is Content Intelligence?

Content Intelligencewhich represents the systems and software that transform content data and business data into actionable insights for content strategy and tactics with impactwas certainly a hot topic in 2016 and will become even more important in 2017.

Top 5 Q&As

Interviews with thought leaders behind content strategy at complex enterprise companies.

The Coca-Cola Journey into Content Amplification with Social Media

Doug Busk, The Coca-Cola Company’s Global Group Director for Digital Communications & Social Media, shares how they shaped their publishing umbrella: Coca-Cola Journey.

Surprising Lessons from IBM in Successful B2B Content Marketing

IBM’s Strategy & Solutions Program Director, Michelle Killebrew, thinks B2C engagement principles should be applied to B2B content marketing, too.

Complex Content Vision + Strategy 90 Minutes at a Time: Q&A with Carlos Abler of 3M

Carlos Abler gives us the rundown of 3M’s Content to Revenue program, their productized toolkit of workshops, frameworks, and detailed resources designed to help accelerated 3M’s ability to build competency for developing content across the customer relationship cycle.

How Leading Content Teams Works at HowStuffWorks.com

With 30 million monthly visitors counting on HowStuffWorks.com to explain the mysteries of the universe, the content team has to be in sync and motivated by quality leadership. Tracy Wilson, Editorial Director, shares how they get the job done.

Mental Models Mapping

National Instrument’s Web Content Producer Lauren Moler shares how they use mental models that connect content strategy to human behavior to address their enterprise content challenges.

Top 5 Fact Sheets

We release a new fact sheet every month along with updating a previously released fact sheet to help you get up-to-date in a hurry on a variety of topics, such as content modeling, mobile, health, personalization, analytics, and more. View all our fact sheets here.

Top 5 Reports + Toolkits

We also release a new piece of premium content each month exclusively for our Content Science Review subscribers. Here are our subscribers’ favorites from 2016.

4 Content Checklists to Take Your Content Strategy to the Next Level

These four in-depth content checklists cover: Leading Content Teams, Content Vision That Works, Thriving as a Content Team Member, and Evaluating Content Effectiveness and is guaranteed to super-charge your content’s impact.

101 Ways to Ensure Your Content’s Impact with Content Intelligence and Analytics

This ebook style resource curates some of our best content insights from years in the industry as well as curated expertise from other content thought leaders. It’s divided into 6 sections: Leadership, Effectiveness, Influence & Credibility, Discovery, Consumption, and Engagement.

Super Quick Guide to Outlining User Journeys

This effective exercise will help you identify content gaps and steer you toward creating content that your audience wants and needs.

What Makes Content Teams Thrive?

We’re fascinated with understanding how growing content teams best operate, and in this report, we focused on five key areas surrounding challenges to success and the success factors of quality content leadership, content teams, content processes, and evaluation methods.

Key Metrics + KPIs Matrix for Content

Lastly, we shared a matrix that we use with clients to help them identify the types of content that provide the highest content ROI for their organization.

Thank you for helping us have a wonderful 2016, from voting in ContentWRX as the Audience Choice award at CMWorld, to sharing + reading our content, and voicing your opinion through our surveys, Twitter polls, and newsletters. We can’t wait to share more content resources and insights with you in 2017, including contributions from content leaders at Dell, Microsoft, FedEx, IBM, IHG, and Capital One among many, many more.

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Such a useful post, you are publishing some amazing posts (conceptual and fact sheets). When I read your posts, these are so accurate and there is lot to note and bookmark for reference. Often it is worth sharing with our team and sometimes with clients too. Colleen and the team, I wish you continue doing the great work in 2017 too! Cheers!!

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