Using Customer Feedback in Content Strategy: Wring your Data for All Its Worth

by Cathy Ewaschuk

Cathy Ewaschuk of Dell on gaining more insight into the content requirements of your users by wringing your data for all its worth.


What Do the New Data Privacy Rules in Europe Mean for Marketers?

by Jodi Daniels

Marketers, product managers, and user experience professionals need to understand how GDPR will affect them and how to prepare.

data driven

How to Build a Data-Driven Culture to Support Editorial Decision-Making: Part 2

by Georgiana Cohen

These 4 new elements of data-driven editorial decision-making are ongoing and must become part of your routine in order to maintain a data-driven culture.

data driven

How to Build a Data-Driven Culture to Support Editorial Decision-Making: Part 1

by Georgiana Cohen

By nurturing a data-driven mindset throughout your team and organization, your editorial decision-making will become simpler.

Data Visualization Q&A with Dona Wong

Data Visualization Q&A with Dona Wong, author of The Wall Street Journal Guide to Information Graphics

by Dona Wong and Content Science

Data visualization is a powerful, persuasive tool to discern unexpected patterns and anomalies.

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