Content analytics are crucial for content marketers and content strategists to understand the makeup of their client, reader, and customer base and the journeys of those users.

Content Analytics
data fact sheet

Big and Small Data Fact Sheet

By Content Science

Our big and small data fact sheet sheds light on the important subject of data. When framed carefully, data can be the solution to many content needs.

Content Analytics
Graphs, charts, and data representing content analytics

Content Analytics: What They Are and How to Use Them

By Content Science

Learn what content analytics are, how to use them, and how to get a content analytics initiative started.

Content Analytics
Employee Advocacy tools

Top Content Analytics Tools To Help You Create More Effective Content

By Teresa Day

Content analytics are key to improving your content effectiveness and ROI. This article walks through top content analytics tools to consider.

Content Analytics

3 Observations on How Analytics Influence Content Creation + Selection at Cox Media Group

By Alan Segal

The Senior Director of Digital Insights at Cox Media Group gives insight as to how analytics help to better inform content creation and content selection.

Content Analytics

Content Analytics Fact Sheet

By Content Science

You know content analytics are important in measuring your content's success. Our fact sheet helps shed light on the complex subject of content analytics.

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State of Content Webinar Recording

It’s the best and worst of content times for content, from the potential of generative AI to the destruction of misinformation.

The Ultimate Guide to End-to-End Content

Discover the power, benefits, and opportunities of an end-to-end content strategy with this comprehensive white paper.

The Content Advantage Fifth Anniversary

Celebrate the fifth-year anniversary of The Content Advantage, the top-rated book empowering professionals to better their content.

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