Marketing content. Headless CMS. Content modeling. Oh my! These are just a few of the topics broached by the international virtual conference Kontent Horizons, kindly offered by Kentico. What theme unites these wide-ranging subjects discussed by content professionals around the world? Content operations (or should we say kontent operations?)–also known as getting content done.

The event had no shortage of perspectives on this important but often overlooked theme. If you couldn’t attend all of the sessions at Kontent Horizons, you’re in luck. We curated insights from a few select sessions here.

Keynote: The Secrets of Successful Content Operations

Our own Colleen Jones delivered the keynote highlighting what our research says about successful content operations.

This spanned an introduction to what content operations is and the maturity model that we developed, followed by insights into what successful organizations are doing differently and how content technology plays a part in that.

The journey to mature content operations can take some time. As you’ll see in this short clip, you can look for the opportunity to strategically work in improving content operations as part of other tech efforts.

You can view the full session here. For more about Content Science’s content operations research, don’t miss this executive summary and our premium deep dive report.

Panel: Content Operations Facilitated by Michael Andrews

Colleen Jones then joined a panel including Martin Danko, Senior Customer Success Manager at Kentico, Ratibor Libal, Founder & Managing Partner at Actum Digital, Emily Kolvitz, Head of Content at Bynder, and Michael Andrews, Content Strategy Evangelist at Kentico. The discussion kicked off with how content operations is evolving as a concept, then shifted into topics ranging from silos and workflow to centralization vs decentralization, localization challenges for global teams, and optimal structures for knowledge sharing, such as centers of excellence.

“Apply governance however you can, even if it’s the tiniest thing, like starting with a file naming convention for your assets. Just baby steps. Focus, because there’s too many balls in the air to juggle for content ops. Don’t try to juggle them all at once, because you’re going to drop them all.” – Emily Kolvitz

You can view the full session here. Michael also recently contributed an excellent piece about headless CMS here.

Transitioning a Large Organization From Traditional CMS to Headless CMS

This session with Angeline Oh, Senior Executive, Brand & Digital Marketing at NTUC Income and Xian Ping Yang, Senior Project Manager at agency partner Convertium, offered insights into NTUC Income’s digital transformation journey. The move to future-proof website architecture and drive greater ownership across the organization meant empowering stakeholders to manage their own content. That required starting with education and a solid approach to content modeling.

You can view the full session here. To learn more about the content technology landscape, don’t miss our infographic, which we will update annually. And learn more about the role of advanced technology in content operations from our premium content technology briefing here.

Panel: CMS Technology Trends

Four experts convened to share thoughts on the trends, risks, and challenges changing how content is used online. How do businesses transition from legacy infrastructure and maximize cloud opportunities? Which teams own which parts of the customer journey, and who is responsible for the employee experience? And what does it take to deliver frictionless personalized experiences, especially in a post-cookie world?

You can view the full session here. To learn more about Content Science’s perspective on cookies, privacy, and marketing, check out this article on the opportunities of the post-cookie world.

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