If you’re in the business of creating intelligent content, then you have probably thought about how to package your expertise into saleable content products. Possible digital products to create include ebooks, paid video tutorials, creating an online course, writing a landing page for selling your services, or developing your own MBaaS (Mobile-Backend as a Service). While it might be easy to identify which types of product content you want to create, it’s much more challenging to carve out the time and brainpower to execute these projects. To help manage and prepare for a content product project, download our free whitepaper, Content Strategy for Products + Services, and utilize this list of five tools that can help take you from idea to your first sale.

  1. HubSpot Academy’s Reverse Engineering Content Creation

This tool is touted by HubSpot as a way to create an ebook when you have limited bandwidth, yet it’s so much more than just an ebook creation tool. By working through this 9-step, 9-hour project over the course of the 4-week suggested timeline, you will have a completed ebook ready to sell while also promoting the ebook along the way through a series of blog posts that will turn into your ebook’s chapters. You could aim to do do this process multiple times throughout the year (maybe even once per quarter?) and have a full blog calendar as well as four ebooks to show for your efforts by year’s end. Not bad! Read this quick description of the process on HubSpot.

HubSpot Image

  1. Camtasia

Creating video tutorials via screen capture can be a great way to package your content expertise into a saleable content product, and Camtasia is a simple tool that allows you to capture your entire screen, a section of your screen, or yourself through your webcam. The editing tools are easy to use, and you can create a separate voiceover and then merge the video and audio. There’s also an array of editing tools, including transitions, animations, annotations, and speed adjustments. Once you’ve created your value-packed video, select which platforms you’d like to sell it on, including Teachable, Udemy, and Thinkific . Or, sell your video directly from your WordPress site using Selz.

Video Tutorial Tool

  1. Instapage

If you’re in the business of selling digital products, then you might also sell services like consulting, coaching, or workshops. Instapage allows you to quickly and easily create a landing page to sell your services and boasts an average conversion rate above 25%. The landing page can integrate with your existing CRM or email tools, and their A/B testing tool provides the data you need to continually improve your conversion rate.

Landing Page Tool

  1. AnyPresence

Infoworld gives AnyPresence a 9.3 rating, the highest score among competing MBaaS (Mobile Back-end as a Service) tools like Salesforce1 and Alpha Anywhere 3.0. This tool allows you to build apps, API gateways, and back-end services and ranked 10/10 for its integrations and 9s for capability, client support, IDE, and value. To monetize your app, you can offer in-app purchases, include in-app advertisements, or point people to other product content you sell.

MBaaS Tool

  1. MemberMouse

Another way to profit from your content is to charge for premium content. On Content Science Review, we offer lots of free intelligent content for our readers in the form of features and articles, but we also offer a subscription option for access to in-depth reports and guides. We rely on turn-key WordPress plugin MemberMouse to manage this subscription offering and have been happy with the results and ease of use.

Membership Management Tool


What product or service will you create next to package your content intelligence and expertise in a scalable, saleable way?

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