You’re investing precious resources in providing useful, audience-first content. But without understanding and evaluating your content analytics consistently, you could be missing out on the insights that big and small data offer, not to mention the opportunity to elevate your content approach.

Never fear! We’ve put together a list of content intelligence tools and features that can help you start, manage, and improve your content marketing and more so you can cultivate stronger, richer relationships with your audiences — and even get the upper hand on your competition.

Content Intelligence Keyword + Topic Research Tools


With Storybase, your results will include the most popular questions, phrases, and words most often searched related to your keyword. With an upgraded account, you can also view the demographic data related to that search and gain access to the audiences related to the terms.

Best for: Determining keywords to include in your content.

Content Intelligence storybase


At Buzzsumo, your keyword search will pull up the all-time, most shared pieces of content related to your search term across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ and shows the number of times it was shared on each. To drill down more, you can opt to search for pieces of content that only contain your keyword in its title, too. The “trending today” option allows you to select the most popular content related to your keyword in the last 24, 12, 8, 4, or 2 hours. Buzzsumo awards each piece of content a “Trending Score” so you can see how quickly something is gaining popularity, helping you jump on trends before they’ve reached viral status.

Best for: Real-time interaction with trends or about-to-be trends.

content intelligence Buzzsumo


This keyword search tool is all about analyzing your competitors’ successes for paid and organic search and provides a comprehensive snapshot of their online presence. The results are full of insights, like the top organic keywords that generated the most SEO clicks per month for them, AdWords history, and what inbound links or backlinks generate the most traffic for that site. Slice data other ways too with keyword and backlink research, and opt to track your SEO and PPC keywords with a weekly report.

Best for: Utilizing your competitors’ wins and losses to inform your own strategy and production.

Content Intelligence SpyFu


Type in any keyword, and Answer the Public will generate free graphics with the most asked questions around that keyword, most used prepositions, and other words most searched with that keyword in alphabetical order — divided by words used before and after your main keyword. These insights can help you fill out your editorial calendar and inspire new campaigns, content, and ideas to help your brand get in front of the right customers.

Best for: Brainstorming content to answer the associated questions.

content intelligence answer the public


Content Performance + Effectiveness Tools

NewsCred (Analytics Features)

NewsCred’s software helps companies manage their entire content marketing. Content teams can plan, create, publish, and measure their content marketing efforts from one dashboard. NewsCred’s algorithms suggest relevant content along the way, and their content analytics push users to keep audience first and target the influencers in your category through insights into their user journeys.

Best for: Segment your content by readers to enable your content optimization strategy.

Newscred Analytics

Contently (Analytics Features)

Contently’s patent-pending analytics provide insight into how content is affecting your business results with a focus on attention time, finish and engagement rates, return visits, and social actions. They also focus on showcasing how your in-depth content — such as white papers, case studies, e-books, and slideshows — are performing page by page.

Best for: Understanding the value of each piece of content published and the impact of each contributor.

content intelligence Contently


Install this patent-pending content effectiveness tool with a simple Javascript code that will net real-time reactions and analytics from your website users so you can pinpoint what content is working and what isn’t. Your custom dashboard then provides a score broken down into categories with custom recommendations and resources provided so you can continually improve your content. (Editor’s note: Content Science owns ContentWRX.)

Best for: Understanding the impact of content on people’s perceptions and behavior.

content intelligence ContentWRX


This analytics tool aims to deliver the overall health of your digital presence by comparing your content marketing efforts across 15 channels to your competitors or groups of competitors. They promise to be your own competitive watchdog that alerts you based on criteria you set, like a competitor’s Facebook post going viral. Your data can then be visualized through charts and graphs that can be layered with your competitors’ results too, so your whole team and stakeholders can quickly see what’s working and what’s not.

Best for: Keeping tabs on competitors.

content intelligence TrackMaven

The great news is these tools and others are constantly improving and expanding, so the future of assembling useful data about your content looks bright.

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