It’s time to get serious about content and digital transformation. This infographic summarizes evidence and perspectives on why.

infographic about content and digital transformation

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Need just the facts about content and digital transformation for accessibility reasons? Here is the list:

“Business today is digital, so content is critical.” Colleen Jones, Content Science

Forecast for spending on digital transformation technologies to surpass $2 Trillion in 2019 – IDC

IDC predicts 25% will be towards Omni-Experience Transformation, 33% on Information Transformation by 2020

“To thrive in digital business, content leaders must marshal a great diversity of content, at a high level of granularity, from a broad range of sources.”
Jim Murphy and Mick MacComascaigh

Forrester projects many companies will budget over a billion dollars in Digital Transformation in 2017.

“Companies need to create a supply chain of increasingly sophisticated and interactive content to feed consumer demand for information and engagement, not to mention a mechanism for managing the content consumers themselves generate.”
Tom French, Laura LeBerge, and Paul Magill, McKinsey

Software investments for content personalization: Of 115 companies included in Forrester survey, 68% prioritize personalized content experiences. The most common solutions invested in are

  • Web Content Management (60% of these companies)
  • Email Marketing (53%)
  • Tag Management (51%)
  • Of the same 115 companies, these software components are an investment priority (e.g. to upgrade, replace, or customize):
    58% – customer analytics
    38% – web content management system
    36% – customer data management and marketing automation

IDC projects digital content will grow 50 times between 2010 and 2020.

“Design and timing of customer experiences vary with the diverse and often divergent preferences and behaviors of audience segments at key moments in the buying journey. Creating optimal customer experiences requires deep customer insight, which is informed by more than the mining of survey, demographic and behavioral data.”
Jake Sorofman, Gartner

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