We feel fortunate to have published content insights by an amazing lineup of contributors in 2016, including features from CFA Institute, Capital One, The Atlantic, and more. So, we reached back out to our contributors before the clock struck midnight on the end of 2016 to see which content trends they are excited about in 2017. Here’s what some of these content industry experts have on their minds (in no particular order).

The question: What content trend are you excited about now and why?

The answers:

  1. “Structured content. Content that has purpose and structured for future use will enable other content trends such as personalization.”  Lance YoderManager, CTS Workforce Enablement        

lance yoder

  1. “The content trend I’m most excited to follow in 2017 is the explosion of Artificial Intelligence in creating anticipatory, life-like conversations in text, chat, and voice experiences. What better way to help people manage their finances than by being wherever your audience is, in the moment that they need you? Capital One is investing a lot in these new technologies, and we’re even hosting a conference on the topic at the end of February. I’m pretty stoked to have the opportunity to play around with the design of these types of experiences, and can’t wait to see where the advancement of AI takes us next year.” Michaela HacknerSenior Manager UX Content Strategy, Capital One

Capital One Content Trends 2017

  1. “For 2017, I’m most excited about content automation and related trends such as content modeling, content engineering, and content intelligence. We’re closer than ever to creating a Harry Potter-like world of animated and intelligent objects, virtual realities, and dynamic personalized experiences orchestrated by artificial intelligence. None of that can happen without taking content automation to the next level so we create and deliver the right content the right way at the right time. Artificial intelligence is only as good as the content and data feeding it.” Colleen JonesCEO, Content Science

content science

  1. “The opportunity I am excited about is due to the trend that I am the least happy about; the bottoming out of content credibility triggered by fake news and its imputed effect on the 2016 election and political discourse across divides. What I am hopeful for, is that like all bottoming out, there is only one direction to go. I look forward to an upward trend in ‘Truth as a Service’ wherein content services provide high-credibility mechanisms of news services aggregation and vetting. The commercialization of higher credibility balanced information, information ratings, 360 perspective summaries and resurgence in paid news, while at the same time building critical acumen in the general public.” Carlos AblerLeader: Content Marketing & Strategy, 3M

Carlos Abler 3M 2017 Content Trends

  1. “I’m glad that there is more attention being paid to governance lately. It’s the least sexy but most essential component to a sustainable, effective content strategy, and I am increasingly seeing it at the forefront of content discussions, not the tail end. Folks like Lisa Welchman have been blowing this horn for years, and their efforts are beginning to pay dividends. It’s fun and fulfilling to see.” Georgy CohenAssociate Creative Director, Digital Strategy, OHO Interactive

georgy cohen

  1. “The content-related trend that I’m most excited about now is content engineering–the systems that include roles, processes, and standards for establishing intelligent content in the enterprise. Why? Because intelligent content sounds great–able to be localized, translated, machine readable, etc.–but it can be a little overwhelming to understand how to get started. It looks to me like the industry experts are multiplying in this space, and the rules and requirements are becoming more standardized, which enables more organizations to undertake this ambitious goal.” Susanna GuzmanDirector of Web Services, CFA Institute

CFA Institute 2017 Predictions

  1. “Employee Advocacy/Brand Ambassadorship. I am launching a Talent Ambassador Program in which we are selecting top performing employees to share their career success story/testimonial on our Careers Site and across our careers-related social media accounts. We are also asking these ambassadors to share the content we create on their own personal social media accounts for further reach. Our Talent Ambassadors will also speak to job candidates who have questions about what it’s really like to work here.” — Katie NewlandEmployer Brand Manager, inVentiv Health Commercial

katie newland

  1. “I’m a big proponent of the power of video, and it looks like a number of social media channels are really ramping up their efforts to enhance video capabilities. Updates to Facebook Live, Twitter moving in on the live streaming space, YouTube adding more value for marketers, and the list goes on. So many great things to test out in 2017. Marketers need to be on top of video trends to really benefit from the value video content adds.” Anthony GaenzleManager, Digital and Content Strategy, College of William & Mary

anthony gaenzle

  1. “I’m happy to see a shift away from a ‘churn out the most’ content mindset to a focus on creating more relevant and impactful content that users actually want and needall guided by content intelligence and analytics that actually matter.“ Shawndra RussellContent Marketing Coordinator, Content Science

shawndra russell

  1. “I am pleased by the growing ‘content-first’ trend for building websites. We recently wrote about it on our blog. It can be easy to overlook the importance of content early in a project when content management systems allow for easy separation of content from presentation. Because of this, many web design firms leave content to their clients, or worse, save it for last. This sets projects up for potential failure—miscommunication around content has plagued many a web project. Plus, giving content second-class status uncovers missed opportunities to create superior products. By devoting resources to content strategy, patterns, creation, and management upfront, it helps all parties get consensus on the important role content plays in web projects. In our experience, content-related activities can sometimes take between 30-50% of a total project budget. Why waste an opportunity to create the best possible solution?” Tim FrickFounder, Mightybytes

Mightybytes Content Trends 2017

  1. “I’m excited about best practices about releasing content on a variety of outlets—web, social media, print, etc.—and how that is redefining what it means to work in marketing, communications, or IT. The lines are becoming more blurred between those traditional departments, and I’m excited about more collaboration between them.” Sara LongWeb Content Manager, International Literacy Association

sara long

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