Digital transformation is disrupting companies of all sizes and industries, and at a rapid pace. Rather than fear or ignore this trend, CEOs can get ahead of it by rethinking their businesses to focus on improving the customer experience with digital content.

CEO Exclusive Radio recently invited Content Science CEO Colleen Jones and Sharecare’s Toni Pashley to share their insights on digital transformation. In the interview,  Jones encourages businesses to begin the process with the customer. She explains:

A digitally transformed business is putting the customer first. They are thinking about how all of the digital touchpoints that users can take advantage of come together to support the user’s experience in a really great way, and even create some wow moments as part of that experience.

A business can first look to technology to see what is possible, but Jones recommends starting with the customer instead. A business can map out the customer’s journey and determine where it fits in now in the journey and where it can fit in with the help of technology in the future.

Starting with the customer allows businesses to develop a short-term digital transformation plan as well as a vision for the future. And Pashley agrees. Blueprinting the user’s journey helps Sharecare to not only solve its customers’ needs, but to also wow them.

Today, embracing digital transformation is a must for businesses, no matter their size or industry. To learn why, listen in to CEO Exclusive Radio’s podcast with Jones and Pashley and find out how you can start your business on its path to digital transformation.

The Authors

Colleen Jones is the founder and CEO of Content Science, a growing content intelligence and strategy company based in Atlanta GA. Content Science owns Content Science Review, Content Science Academy, and the content effectiveness software ContentWRX.  Colleen regularly consults with executives and practitioners to improve their strategy and processes for content. She shares insights and guidance from her experience regularly on Content Science Review, at events around the world, and in highly rated books such as Clout: The Art and Science of Influential Web Content.

Follow Colleen on Twitter at @leenjones or on LinkedIn.

Toni Pashley is Senior Vice President of Product at Sharecare, the digital health company helping people manage all their health in one place, where she leads product strategy and design with a human-centered approach. Prior to Sharecare, Pashley worked at CNN leading major product initiatives including the 2008 presidential elections, mobile applications and strategy for the networks’ product experience.

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