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This week, we are having our annual Content Science Review company retreat, but here at Content Science, we’ve never taken too kindly to the term “retreat.” Why is it that an event that’s all about planning, strategizing, tweaking, brainstorming and generally this amazing rocket fuel infusion into our businesses a synonym for moving backwards?!

Definition of retreat

For starters, the term is so aggressive and masculine. We don’t know about you, but we certainly don’t go into these all-day meetings with an aggressive, agenda-ed, conquer mentality. Instead, we want to create an atmosphere of brainstorming and a positive feedback loop; a time when everyone on the team can be heard and know that the ideas they bring to the table are just jumping off points to the even bigger, better, and bolder ideas. There are no stupid questions, no backward thinking, no regrets. It’s a I-love-that-what-about-this-too type of vibe where the creative energy is flowing, the food is delicious, and the coffee flows endlessly. It’s basically business nirvana and helps crystalize our business vision, which is to be the Harvard Business Review of Content.

At our content strategy headquarters, we like to think of the “R” word as That Which Must Not Be Spoken and have taken to calling ours a “forward” (but we would love to hear what some of you call your Big Idea meetings–forward just doesn’t have the perfect ring to it yet). In that spirit, we have created this survey for our readers because we want to hear your thoughts, needs, wants and ideas for how we can better serve you by only publishing killer, must-read-if-you-are-in-this-industry content. This means interviews with the best and brightest in the business; data-driven insights, and game-changing content intelligence thanks to lessons learned in working with clients who utilize our sentiment and perception evaluation tool, ContentWRX.

Please take just 3 minutes to complete this survey and help us “create the right content for the right people and deliver it at the right moment through the right touchpoint in the right format—and to do so reliably again and again,” in the wise words of our leader and CEO, Colleen Jones. After all, it’s what we guide our clients to do, and it’s what we want to do for our loyal readers, too.

Click here to complete the 3-minute Content Science Review Annual Content Survey. Thank you so very much. To content infinity and beyond!

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Content Science is a growing content strategy and intelligence company based and the publisher of Content Science Review. We empower digital enterprises for the content era by taking their content approach to the next level. Customers of our professional services and one-of-a-kind products (such as ContentWRX and Content Science Academy) include the Fortune 50, the world’s largest nonprofits, and the most trusted government agencies.

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