This post originally appeared on my personal blog last year. It’s still relevant, so I’ve shared it with a few edits here. I pondered this question often over the past several months. Why? One reason was a blog post where Joe Pulizzi explained his take: content strategy and content marketing are essentially the same. That makes sense for Joe, who focuses exclusively on content marketing. If you work on content for purposes beyond marketing, however, thinking about the difference is helpful. The Difference, As I See It Content strategy is a field of practice useful for content as marketing and content as a product or service. In other words, the practice is distinct from the purpose. Allow me to explain… Content As Marketing Content as marketing is paid for by the company or organization doing the marketing. Typically, it’s comprised of Branded content. Advertising. Support / customer service content. An example is The Home Depot’s content, which ranges from helping customers plan a room to instructing customers about how to install a sink.

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